Flights from Bristol to Pisa

Pisa Airport

Regular scheduled flights from Bristol to Pisa Airport are available through Easyjet.

The clocks in Italy are one hour ahead of the UK, so all times quoted on the airlines timetables are local.

One of the biggest problems the airline industry is experiencing at the moment is lost luggage, which has been largely caused by all the extra security checks. If your bags do not arrive with you at Pisa Airport, contact your airline who will put you in touch with their ground handling staff at the airport.

Pisa Flights to Bristol

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Weekday & Weekend Flights from Pisa to Bristol

Easyjet operate direct flights from Pisa in Tuscany to Bristol Airport.

You can find out more about weekday flights from Bristol to Pisa and weekend flights from the UK to Italy by searching in the box above.

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Further Information on Pisa and Tuscany

It is worth hiring a car when you arrive at Pisa Airport so that you can explore areas off the beaten track and have the freedom to do it when you choose.

The historic centre of Pisa is surrounded thick walls which date back to the twelfth century. The River Arno crosses the city from east to west, cutting it into two parts: Tramontana (north) and Mezzogiorno (south).

Pisa central station (Pisa Centrale) is on the southern edge of the city and Pisa's Galileo Galilei International Airport is one and a half kilometres further south.
The field of Miracles with the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa is at the northwestern end of the old city and accommodation is mostly concentrated in the areas adjoining the central station and the Field of Miracles.

If you are driving into Pisa then you can leave your car in one of the free shuttle parks and enter the city foot or by bus. Pay and display car parks are available close to the pedestrian area.

Boat trips along the River Arno which take place during the high season from May to October are an excellent way to see Pisa from an unusual perspective. Two tours are available: the Tour dei Lungarni which is limited to the city centre, and the Tour Natura which goes west and includes the Park of San Rossore.

If you do not want to hire a car while you are in Italy then you might prefer to arrange a private airport transfer or book a seat on a private shuttle bus.



Flights from the UK & Spain to Pisa Airport

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