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Pisa Airport Taxis

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You will find the taxi rank outside the arrivals hall at Pisa Airport. If you make a reservation with the airport's recognised taxi firm CO.TA.PI (Pisa taxi cooperative) you will be charged realistic rates.

We believe that it is worth pre booking a private taxi through a company called Shuttle Direct who are our recommended partners for Pisa Airport.

Or a cheaper option is to book a seat on a Pisa Airport Shuttle bus where you can reserve a ticket in advance on a shared transfer bus.



Taxis at Pisa Airport

The taxi service at Pisa Airport is operated by CO.TA.PI (Pisa taxi cooperative).

The average fare for a ride from the airport into the city of Pisa ranges from €5.70 to €8.00 (plus € 2,30 excess fare on Sundays and Bank Holidays).

The taxi drivers are obliged to switch the meter on before the start of each journey and below are a breakdown of their current tariffs:

Minimum fare € 5,70 Holidays (1) € 2,30
Initial fare € 2,90 Night (1) € 2,30
Rate 1 City € 1,00 per km Luggage € 0,60
Rate 2 € 1,70 per km Skis - Over-sized Baggage (2) € 1,10
Waiting time rate € 21,85 per hour Dogs (3) € 1,10

(1) Additional charges are not cumulative.
(2) Over-sized baggage (skis, bicycles, etc) must be carefully packaged, wrapped, boxed, etc.
(3) Canine transport is optional: dogs must wear a muzzle; transportation of guide dogs is free.

Please note: A charge for an additional stop will be added and for journeys of more than
50km VAT is charged at 10%.


As well as taxi ranks at the airport in front of the air terminal exit they are also based on the arrivals side and at Pisa Centrale railway station which is less than 5 minutes from the airport and in Piazza Duomo.

They operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and to pre-book a radiotaxi telephone +39 050 541600 or for further information visit www.cotapi.it

Shuttle Taxis at Pisa Airport

Last year CO.TA.PI. (Cooperativa Pisana Tassisti) started running the new Taxi Shuttle service directly from the Airport to hotels in Pisa or on the coast

The shuttle is serviced by two eight-seat minibus and is available for a minimum of 3 passengers (even with different destinations).

Below is a sample of shuttle fares (single fare per person):

  • City service € 3.50
  • City service (holidays/nights) € 4.00
  • Marina di Pisa  € 10.00
  • Tirrenia € 12.00
  • Calambrone € 15.00
  • Coltano €  2.00

Ask the hotel reception to book your return shuttle to the airport or go to the Federalberghi Office in Pisa Airport arrivals hall. For further information please click on www.cotapi.it